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No. You can browse and purchase without creating an account.

The benefits of creating an account are: 1) you can login and view your purchase history; 2) you can view and update your payment methods; and 3) future purchases will be quicker and easier.

Once you’ve created an account, you can Sign In with your unique username and password.

Click on the “Lost your password? At the bottom of the Sign In page and follow the prompts.

Secure payment can be made by EFT, debit card or credit card with “Payfast by Network” at the time of your order. Please note: for subscription products, only credit card payments are available.

We do not store any of your credit card details. These are securely stored by “Payfast by Network”, a leading provider of online payment solutions. For more information about “Payfast by Network” visit

Yes. To do so you will need to create an account if you haven’t done so already. You can view and change or update your payment methods from your account.

The payment gateway, Payfast, can only process one subscription at a time. This is standard practice with subscription products. We'll make it very easy to purchase another subscription in the same session by temporarily remembering your details so that you don't have to type them all again. Don't worry, for privacy we'll remove them all when you're done.

Yes. You can purchase as many subscription products as you like. However, you have to process one subscription purchase at a time.

A subscription product is set to renew periodically, either monthly or annually, depending on which subscription period you select. A subscription product receives updates ongoingly for as long as you’re subscribed. A once-off product runs continuously without renewing and receives updates for as long as it is supported by the vendor. For this reason, once-off products are usually more expensive than subscription products. In certain cases, once-off products may lack certain features only available on subscription products.

You can opt for an annual subscription rather than a monthly subscription. To do so you will first need to cancel your current monthly subscription and then purchase an annual subscription. However, you cannot switch from an annual subscription to a monthly subscription during your annual subscription period. An annual subscription will run for the full year and can only be cancelled at the time of renewal.

In the case of a monthly subscription, you can change your product option. To do so you will first need to cancel your current monthly subscription and then purchase the product you prefer. However, you cannot change an annual product during your annual subscription period. This can only be done at the time of an annual renewal when you can cancel your current annual subscription and then purchase the product you prefer.

This is dependent upon each vendor. Some may reenable your licence key while others may send you a new licence key to activate. Either way you will be able to resubscribe, and either reactivate, or redownload and activate your software or service.

Product keys are emailed to you.

Product keys are provided. You can use a product key to download and activate a product from a vendor’s site.

Unfortunately not. Once a product key is provided, the product’s ‘packaging’ has been opened and it cannot be returned.

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